Presents The Farm Tapes, Vol. 4

by Todd Parker



The Farm Tapes Series features demos, finished recordings and sonic experiments recorded between 1985 and 2001 by Todd Parker (and whoever else was participating) with the only requirement being that the recordings were produced on a cassette 4-track machine. A Fostex X-15 was used until 1989 and from then on a Yamaha MT3X was the primary recorder.

Volume 4 - Superwhip

The Farm Tapes, Volume 4, features the first band recordings of the fledgling NYC Tadpoles. Once Michael Kite Audino and I had a batch of song ideas in place (see Volume 3 of the Farm Tapes), we worked with a number of musicians before the band came together. We added David Max on bass, Andrew Jackson on guitar and Nick Kramer on guitar and effects. The Superwhip demo contained re-recorded versions of many of the initial demos that Mike and I produced, though now we had the other band members playing their parts on the recordings. We mass-produced a 10-song demo tape, called Superwhip, in 1992 and used this for getting gigs, presenting to labels and eventually becoming connected with Shimmy Disc’s Kramer, who recorded and produced most of the Tadpoles official canon at Noise New Jersey studios. Tingler and Slip #2 were eventually re-recorded by Todd Parker and the Witches. Tammy’s Secret Wish, Give It To The Elf and The Ride (original demo) were recorded in 1991 with Josh Bracken supplying the bass.


released November 27, 2017

Compilation ©2017 Todd Parker/Bakery Records


all rights reserved



Todd Parker California

Todd Parker, songwriter/guitarist/vocalist/founder, of the 1990's Hoboken/NYC psychedelic rockers, Tadpoles, Todd Parker and the Witches, Sonic Dreamtreat and indie label Bakery Records.

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The Farm Tapes series on this page are cassette 4-track demos, live tapes and Tadpoles rehearsals and rarities produced by Todd Parker in the 80's and 90's
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